2020, start of a new decade and today is January 1st, there is nothing better than getting up early on new year morning and write about my plan.

So last year, I had lots of plan and managed to finish just about 50% of it, hope that I will get a better number this year.

On technical side, I have two big projects for this year: buiding an OS and DB from scratch.

Now to a more detail plan:

Technical goal

Courses I want to take

  • MIT 6.828: Operating system
  • MIT 18.03: Differential equation
  • CMU 15-721: Advanced database systems

Programming languages I want to learn

  • modern CPP
  • Scheme
  • Advance data structure in Haskell

Other technology/framework

  • WebAssembly, I still have not decided what to do with WebAssembly, but maybe implement a WebAssembly loader in one of the programming languages that I learnt.
  • React implementation(especially fiber and concurrent mode)
  • Compiler tooling(LLVM, GNU utilities)

Books I want to read

  • Database Internals: A Deep Dive into How Distributed Data Systems Work
  • Streaming Systems
  • Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces
  • Brain rules for baby

Other goal:

  • 2 books per month
  • N1
  • More writing

This is way less heavy than last year but I want to have a feasible plan.

And let’s get started.